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NO...a lie is defined as a false statement.  But, depending on what you're omitting, it could be a crap thing to do.
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Snake! also my moon cycle totem animal.
Heart reptiles!
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I love them both very much equally.
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It's spring
Time to fall again
This time I don't want anything else
It's sad
I can't do this again...
I can wait for a long time
But I will always feel this way
You can wait for what feels forever
But it just won't go away...
- Shelby Starner, "Fall"
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"Dark City" and "The Faculty" both hold special places in my heart for various reasons...I'm not saying they're the best, I just love them.

I don't know what's the best. "Blade Runner" is pretty epic, and there's that one scene that's haunted me since childhood and made me wonder if my memories were real. Ha.
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Sawyer. And by hang out, I mean cage sex obvi!
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Girl Walking Backwards, Wasted, Love Is The Drug, Suicide Blonde ...I read all of these over and over and always find new things to relate to, as my life experiences increase. Or life changes me. Or whatever.
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My cylon sister, Laurel. She is the most amazing person in the universe and I am the luckiest, because I get to have her for my friend !!!
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I really like this question! I can't really answer it. But ooo it's good to think about. I've had lots and lots of role models from mostly tv shows I think, and they haven't had all that much in common.
Kara Thrace from BSG is a role model, and in a weird way Rachel from "Glee" is a role model and Luna Lovegood from HP is a kind of role model and I think the characters I tend to crush on are role models too...so Gaius, Peter Petrelli....Jason Stackhouse?? Uh...Six is totally a role model. And yes Jenny from the L Word before they ruin her character. So you see, if you have very different role models, they would all give you very different advice, you know?? So you'd just be as confused as you already are. I already feel kinda schizo just thinking about this.

I guess I would like to be something like Kara mixed with Rachel mixed with Peter mixed with Six mixed with Luna ??? Which is to say.... someone quite odd and contradictory! But...brave. All brave. And I am timid so you see...already failing on that front really.
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That's funny cuz my answer is so obvi and also cuz I just was coming on here to post that I just watched James Callis talk for an hour (er on the computer) and it was GLORIOUS !!! I even watched the people talk in German after. I have no idea what they were saying. I am a traitor to my last name. But they seemed happy and quite touchy, which must be where I get it from.

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday on here or facebook!! <3!


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