Six enhances the inherent characteristics of Libra and Taurus.

The number is in strong opposition with the Sun sign of Scorpio.

With all the other sun signs, either it is in harmony or in contrast, gives varied and unexpected results.

My numerology is in strong opposition with my name, my birth date, even my social security number come up as 6.

And I'm Scorpio with freaking Scorpio rising.

So maybe all the time I've been saying "I feel like I'm at war with myself"...I really have been?

Card : VI The Lovers

The Lovers card indicates 2009 to be a year in which it is vital to strive for harmony while accepting the nature of duality and that duality doesn’t have to mean opposition (i.e. inability to coexist). This is a year of choices, when we have to deal with the crossroads in our lives that we are faced with and decide whether we are going to choose to continue to play it safe and take the expected, familiar route or choose to take on the challenges of moving in a different direction, doing things a different way, going in the direction that we know is right even though we don’t quite know what it might entail or where we might end up. The choice is yours. But the safe, familiar and easy way will, without fail, bring us around to this crossroads again (and again and again). You may encounter or develop a relationship that seemed destined…the Lovers card indicating a karmic connection that transcends just this lifetime. Do not resist those to whom you are attracted. Seek out the different…engage the opposition…find the centre. Live and thrive with and in ambiguity and contradiction. Engage in emotional intimacy. Express your sexuality. Heal through touch. Maintain a philosophy of oneness. Share.

A lot of that feels really dead on...I dunno where it came from though.


In other news, is anyone going to Big Apple Con ???


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