Cassie: I want you to tell me!

Lawes: What?

Cassie: How to stop bad things happening.

Lawes: Doesn’t work, does it? That’s why you have to start eating again.

Cassie: … I fell in love.

Lawes: Ah, love. Why cut yourself when you can be in love?

Cassie: You think passing an exam will make me happy?

Lawes: Cassie, passing exams generally only makes life more complicated, but there’s lots of other stuff that makes things bearable, and you don’t even have to use a knife.

Cassie: … Like?

Lawes: Disco.

(Then they dance.)


I think about this scene pretty much every day of my life. I think it’s my favorite scene ever from a tv show or the one that’s resonated most deeply with me, anyway, because 1. it’s made me feel the most understood and 2. it’s brought me the most comfort. Also, I think it’s kind of the best summing up/illustration of (at least my interpretation of) Zen philosophy that I’ve ever seen in any form of media, and it kind of gets to the heart of the show in that through all of the horrible shit the characters go through, they always ultimately seem to find a way to enjoy life and each other and being in the moment (through being in the moment?)

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I love this scene so much that I had to go back and transcribe it myself because I couldn't find it online anywhere. I think I identify with the beginning of the scene more.

Cassie: I stopped eating and then everyone had to do what I said. That was powerful.
College Director: And did you enjoy it?
Cassie: I think it was the happiest time of my life. But I had to stop before I died because... otherwise it wasn't fun. You wouldn't understand.
College Director: You're wrong, Cassie.
Cassie: Did you cut yourself too?
College Director: People will do anything to... People will do anything to work out why they feel bad, won't they?

I'm not one on Zen and such and I don't know if it brought me comfort, because my problem was the lack of eating and I don't think love would help that, only make it worse. It did before.

I like that you posted this though because I do relate to it and I like your take on it. I also love the way the teacher says, "Why cut yourself when you can be in love?" It's just so interesting because there are so many ways you could say that line and have it mean so many different things, so just reading it doesn't do it justice, but seeing the scene, so good.

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