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( Jun. 1st, 2010 06:58 am)
iphigenia: (gg; serena/blair (comfort))
( Jan. 24th, 2010 02:57 am)

So someone made my Blair/Serena song into a Nate/Serena fan video!

(This is all funny, because I haven't watched GG in like an entire season and don't really care about it anymore. Regardless.)

I kept waiting for someone to do a B/S video for this song because when I first heard it I thought of Serena! I don't know what a lavendar blonde is, but I know it's a Serena.

Anyway, I would have preferred a B/S vid of course, but this still works really well, despite how short it is :(

Sometimes I forget how much I love Serena/Blake Lively, because I don't love her enough to like watch the show, but DAMN I really do just love everything about her. Her smile and her voice and the way she looks when she does concerned expressions and how emotive her eyes are and how you can just tell she gives great hugs and how everything about her just seems warm.
that Courtney Ford is the cutest girl in the Verse, now you do <3
(of course she is, she's married to Superman!)
Haven't seen her on How I Met Your Mother, she's just my Dexter sweetheart, but I love this -



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