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My cylon sister, Laurel. She is the most amazing person in the universe and I am the luckiest, because I get to have her for my friend !!!
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( Jan. 8th, 2010 04:24 pm)
Me: Mommy, I want a Quinn.
Mom: (pause) a dirty cop ?
Me: But he was a good boyfriend!
Mom: (incredulous look)

I think someone's ready for me to go back to girls already.


Also, my life is so ridiculous sometimes it's just funny.

And Laurel and I talked for 11 and a half hours online yesterday - that is all new levels of insanity! And possibly us having too much free time but shut it. Best Cylon Sister everz! :)

Douglas Copeland's Shampoo Planet is my least favorite book by him even though now I know where that Panic at the Disco title comes from. ("I Write Sins, Not Tragedies"). And understand some reference on SoN about Fighting Crime being code for sex. Although it seems more like you'd have to lie about fighting crime like if you were in an underground organization or a Hero or um something and then you could use it the other way like "Uhhhh I have to go....have sex now!!" "Yeah we both have to have sex..." "But he's your Uncle/Brother!" *gasp* Oops.

I got my signed pic from F. Kranz. He made my name look pretty with a fancy "J" and adorable pic!

I love seeing my name in certain people's handwriting. And hearing certain people say my name. Because I am a hopeless fangirl that way and it's kind of surreal, I mean the people saying my name part for sure...


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