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( Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:33 pm)
Pairing: Kate/Claire
Rating: PG
Notes: Kinda incredibly sappy. That's me :p

"I just ran into Sawyer downstairs and he WINKED at me! And then I asked if he was going round to Miles' and Richard's place tonight, because we never returned their ricer, and he got all snappy and said he didn't go round their place EVERY night, and he had his own life and his own 'stuff to do', but I could tell he was going over there and - oh." Claire blinked and stared at Kate. "You look-"
Kate reached up and touched her hair self consciously, biting her lip.
"You look... amazing."
"I...thank you." She smiled.
"You always look amazing though, you know," Claire finished quietly.
"I made tacos," Kate blurted out. "I mean, they're probably cold now, but I can reheat them."
"No, I'm sure they're wonderful." Claire was smiling, flushed, and her eyes were tired but shining, ocean blue, her blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, moonlight-colored lovely, and Kate realized she'd never really seen her before. Never noticed how impossibly pretty she was, all creamy skin and warm smiles, how she was all lit up from within, as though bathed in a soft glow. It wasn't just the way she looked- it was, like, her aura. Oh what a creepy, hippie Dharma Initiative-y word! Had Claire always looked like that? Or was it just now? Or was it only when she was looking at...her? Snap out of it, Kate, she told herself. She began walking towards the dining room, and Claire followed.
She heard a faint gasp. "Kate!" Claire chirped in her adorable accent, which always made it sound more like she was saying "Kite."
Kate spun around and Claire was on her all at once, hugging her tightly. "Daisies!! You bought daisies!!" she squealed. Then she broke off and giggled. "And you smell like me!"
"Oh, I borrowed some of your perfume. I hope that's okay."
"Of course it's okay! How did you know...?"
"Aaron told me you liked them."
"That's funny. I don't think I-" Claire paused. "Thank you, Kate!! I could just kiss you right now!"
Kate's mouth dropped open.
"Oh, I didn't mean..."
"Tacos," Kate gestured at the table, her heart beating fast.
"You didn't have to do all this, you know," Claire said, sitting down.
"But I wanted to," Kate smiled. "Having you and Aaron around is like. It's almost like having a family."
"Well, we are your family," Claire smiled back warmly. "And you're our family. So, you know, we're not going anywhere. Not without you."
Kate blinked back tears. That kind of sentence should have made her feel trapped, restless, ready to run, but she didn't feel any of those things. She sat down and watched Claire merrily digging into her dinner, and knew she was exactly where she wanted to be.
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( Jun. 16th, 2010 04:23 am)
Kate felt her face flush when the bell rang. Claire must have forgotten her keys again. She suddenly felt profoundly stupid staring into the bathroom mirror. What was she even doing? She wearing make up and a...dress (one of two she even owned). For Claire. Her hair was freshly washed and fell in soft waves framing her face. She'd even sprayed herself with some of Claire's perfume. It just seemed...appropriate. With the dinner and the flowers already on the table in a vase. It would be...nice...to have a...nice...dinner. And Claire deserved nice things. Between school and raising Aaron, she'd been run ragged lately, living on coffee with dark circles under her eyes. Sometimes, she rushed out in the mornings forgetting to brush her hair, and Kate was reminded of how she'd found her once in that other life. How they'd held hands on the plane coming back and Kate had thought, "Please keep me around. Even when you don't need me anymore. Please don't stop needing me." Kate would chase after her with her hairbrush or her car keys or her wallet, whatever she'd forgotten in her zombified state, and Claire always hugged her and kissed her on the cheek, laughing and saying she'd be lost without her.

Kate took a deep breath and walked towards the door, opening it slowly.
"What? I brought beer." Her old friend, ex-lover...Sawyer, her Sawyer, gestured at the six pack dangling from his hand. He was dropping by more and more. She could tell he was lonely. Like her, he was having trouble readjusting to "the real world" and wasn't doing much of anything other than living off the Oceanic settlement. And drinking beer. Well, she was taking care of Aaron and that pretty much felt like a full-time job, but whenever Claire mentioned her maybe going back to school too or volunteering somewhere just to get out of the house, since they could afford help with Aaron, she found herself changing the subject. The idea of any commitment still made her edgy. She liked to think she could just leave at any time, should she have the impulse, though, deep down, she knew that was no longer true. She had made that choice at some point without realizing it and maybe it wasn't even exactly a choice, but something that had just happened. Still, she and Sawyer remained the outsiders, dwelling on the outskirts of "real life," keeping their contact with non-Oceanic survivors to a minimum, afraid to return to being who they were before the crash. It had only taken Claire a few months of therapy to get relatively back to her old self, surprisingly. But three years of damage was not a lifetime of damage, and Kate didn't believe in therapy. For her. Paying to tell some stranger her deepest, darkest secrets and innermost feelings wasn't really her style.

"Well, aren't you gonna invite me in, Freckles?"
Kate took the beer and moved out of the way so he could come in. He immediately made himself at home on the sofa, turned on the tv and put his feet up on the coffee table.
"You can't keep coming over unannounced like this," Kate sighed. "Claire will be home any minute."
"What's the matter? She doesn't like my company anymore?"
"She'll be tired and probably-"
"Hey, can you bring me one of those beers?"
"Your feet are on the coffee table. Again."
Now, he turned to look at her curiously. She felt herself squirming inwardly beneath his gaze. He was too good at reading her.
"Well, now, wait just a goddamn minute." A slow, smug smile was spreading itself across his face. "You're wearing a dress. And you're not in a cage."
"Very funny. I wear dresses sometimes."
"No, you don't. And you're all made up. You're looking to get laid tonight!"
"Get out." The heat was rising in her face. She was most certainly NOT looking to get laid! That was the most preposterous, ridiculous assumption ever!
"It's been awhile, huh?" he chuckled.
"I mean it, Sawyer. Get out." She glowered.
"Fine, I'll clear out so you can get all naked and sweaty. Just tell me who the lucky fellow is."
"There is no lucky fellow, not that it's any of your business."
"Yeah, and I'm-" but whatever witty or not so witty comeback he was about to make lodged in his throat. His eyes widened. "No way..."
"Do I have to physically remove you from this apartment? I can, you know."
"Well, sonofabitch." He shook his head in amazement, laughing to himself. "I should have known. You and Claire - playing Aaron Has Two Mommies. You're just full of surprises, ain't you?"
"It's not like that," she said quietly.
"But you're looking to make it like that." He grinned knowingly.
"No! Of course not!"
They stared at each other in silence. Claire would be annoyed if he was still here when she got back. She never said that exactly, but she tended to get snappish.
"Yes, you figured me out. I'm planning to seduce Claire and then we're going to have hot, lesbian porn star sex. Probably on the dining room table. Or the kitchen floor. Then we're going to move into the bedroom and have a pillow fight."
"Well, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of a beautiful thing like that. But I do want details. And possibly a video."
They both laughed uneasily. He started walking towards the door.
"Wait," she said. He spun around. Their eyes locked.
"I'm...really confused," she said so softly he barely heard her. "What am I even doing?"
He smiled at her affectionately, all boyish dimples. "Something tells me you'll figure it out. You always do, Freckles."
"Thanks," she said shakily. She suddenly felt like running over and falling into his arms, as she'd done so many times in the past, burying her face in his neck, breathing in his smell. Safe, familiar.
But it was so selfish, so unfair. So, instead she smiled and waved good night, and then he was gone and she was alone, left to wait anxiously, feeling awkward and silly in her stupid dress with her stupid painted face and her stupid confusion.
They rode home in silence.
Kate chewed on her lip nervously. She could tell Aaron was in a "mood." Being a mother never seemed to get easier.
"Did you have a nice time at Mark's?" she finally asked.
"I guess," Aaron said sulkily. He looked down at his lap. "Mark is like me."
"Trouble, you mean?" Kate joked, ruffling his blonde hair, soft and fine like Claire's. She had worried the play date might be confusing for him.
"I have two moms, and Mark has two dads."
"That's right," Kate said with a smile. She braced herself for the questions that lay ahead.
"But...his dads sleep in the same bed. And sometimes, they kiss."
"Well, there are lots of different kinds of family situations-" Kate began. She had rehearsed this speech already.
"Why don't you love Mama Claire?" Aaron looked at her accusingly now.
"What?" She hadn't anticipated that particular question. "Well, I love your Mama very much, it's just-"
"Not like Mark's dads."
"We have a very different relationship. There are all kinds of relationships and..." she trailed off. She sounded so condescending, and she wasn't sure how she meant to end the sentence anyway. Sawyer once said that kids could smell bullshit a mile away, and she still didn't see how his dropping in on Clementine on weekends at his convenience qualified him to give her parenting advice after all her years raising Aaron, but whatever. He had a point. Arrogant bastard, she thought to herself, somewhat affectionately. Aaron was looking at her with irritation now.
"Why is it different? Don't you think my Mom's pretty and nice?"
Kate laughed nervously. A silly question. Claire was beautiful and amazing and strong and sweet and wonderful, wonderful...
"Why can't you just be like normal parents?"
"Normal parents?"
Only in L.A., Kate thought to herself.
"Maybe if you brought her flowers or something," Aaron continued. "She would like that. Mark's dads do that sometimes."
Kate envisioned Claire's face lighting up, home from her classes and exhausted and...flowers. Yes, Claire loved those, and she loved surprises. Well, good ones. It wasn't the worst idea.
"She likes daisies," Aaron said, staring at Kate intently the way he did sometimes that freaked her out a little.
"And how do you know that?"
"Because!" he rolled his eyes. "She's my MOM! She tells me things."
"Okay, okay, we'll stop off and get her some daisies then," Kate smiled at him.
"She likes when you make tacos. And when you wear your hair down and it's, like...not curly...but...like..." Aaron twisted his own hair with his fingers.
"Messy," Aaron said decisively. "And she likes when you laugh a lot and your eyes get all crinkly like this." Aaron squinted. It was pretty adorable, but the whole conversation was unnerving.
"And she said all this to you?"
"No," Aaron shrugged. "I just know." He grew quiet again.
Aaron seemed to "just know" a lot of things lately, but she and Claire never discussed it. They didn't discuss a lot of things, it seemed.


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