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( Jun. 22nd, 2011 05:36 pm)
Last night I dreamed an entire "Glee" episode and it was this about everyone was having an "off" day and where everything felt wrong and everything was going wrong and they were all doubting themselves about various things  and they were each singing original songs about it which i woke up with some of them in my head (pieces of the songs and the scenes etc.)

Brittany was singing to a stuffed bear in her room and then she hugged the bear and was like “oh! I feel better now!” and then was her normal self, but everyone else was still dragging for most of the ep.

It was really cool though odd.
A LOST-related Youtube video:

If this doesn't make you cry, I hate you. Just kidding.

Whatever Tickles Your Fancy:

Once, during season 4, I had a dream that Josh Holloway hung himself and it was terribly sad, but then it turned out it was all a set up and he had been murdered...by Mary-Kate Olsen. And then The Life and Times of Jeremy Bentham happened and it was weird. But it would have been weirder if John Locke were murdered...by Ben...who was really...Mary-Kate Olsen :p

I also had a creepy dream about Brittany Murphy in '05 where she turned into Mary-Kate Olsen and then disappeared into a sea of people and I couldn't find her, and now Brittany Murphy is dead (the dream was before the whole Heath thing too...) Mary-Kate Olsen is clearly a harbinger of deaths, both actual and fictional. Ha!
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( Jun. 1st, 2010 02:48 am)

I actually did these on the right days, but I just posted them in my tumblr.

day 16 -Character Death That Made You Cry The Most:  I’m going to have to go with Charlie’s, even though he wasn’t one of my favorite characters.  Just the whole way the episode was done was really heartbreaking.  I remember being pissed off and really sad when a lot of other characters (who I liked more) bit it, but I don’t think I actually cried.  Although maybe over Juliet?? I can’t remember.  How annoying.

day 15- Favorite LOST-related fanfic:  Tramps Like Us, Baby (Kate/Sawyer post finale, NOT smut!):  http://community.livejournal.com/prefer_my_life/26953.html  (i posted link to this one before...), Dumb Choices From The Heart (Kate/Sawyer/Jack, YES smut!): http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4192609/1/Dumb_Choices_From_the_Heart#

day 14 - Favorite LOST related tumblr:  http://fuckyeahlost.tumblr.com

day 13- Your favorite season: 6, then 5

Oh and also this reminds me of my dream!! I dreamed I was part of the cast of LOST, but I played some not main character and I was all obsessed with Josh Holloway (uh because I am) and he and his wife had got gotten divorced and I was drunk at some cast party thing and I was trying to get him to make out with me, but he completely shot me down and i was all devastated, but then I noticed he was always with Evie and had his arm around her waist, and someone (Jorge??) told me that she was actually the reason he and his wife split, because they had been secretly in love ever since like they filmed cage!sex, even though he never actually cheated on his wife or anything, they just pined over each other. And so, Skatey as I am, this should have been adorable but I was super jealous and heartbroken and like "noooooo but i'm in loooooove with him!!!". like i was so upset in this fucking dream that i woke up upset!

And there was this weird church (but not THE weird church) where we were filming something and there was a secret room and someone referred to it as "the magic box" and you had to get special clearance to go there and it transformed you into something else and you had to find this key, and I wanted to go there so I could become transformed into a *main cast member* because I was convinced if I was just a main cast member then Josh would realize he loved me and not Evie, but no one took me seriously because I had such a small part.  LOL wtf?? But I woke up before I ever made it to the room.

Anyway, upon (half)waking up, I was like, that was a pretty dumb move, I should have just wished to be transformed into Evie...although that sounds unethical and confusing in like would there be two of her or would I take over her body or what and then what would happen to...her?? Then, I was like wow I'm thinking about this way too much.  The end.

I think the whole dream was because I had finally gotten around to watching Josh on Jimmy Kimmel (that aired during paper hell) last night and he was saying that cagey scene was his favorite to film with this little smile and....yeah.

i totally just had a dream i was best friends with Tess Harding from "Roswell" and i was kind of following her around lost in an idyllic girly crush, putting all these people in danger for whatever reason and not really caring.

oh deary dear!


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