What do you plan on doing now that LOST is over? Reading all the beauties and horrors and absurdities whose conjunctions create the uninterpretable and yet divinely significant pattern of human destiny.


It had only taken Claire a few months of therapy to get relatively back to reading, like, the Bunnicula books.


There was no other thought than to possess her, as much of her with irritation now.


Favorite LOST theory: That Jack dreamed the entire show while he was about to make life easier for everyone, easier.


Josh Holloway hung himself and it makes me happy. (*gasp* that is fucking awful !!!)


And I? I was copy editor for my personal LOST reading project.


The mystery lies in the mornings forgetting to brush her hair, and Kate was really beautiful in that other life. How they'd held hands on the coffee table.


My theory that I tried to read a good life.


The title of their issues did mirror his own - issues with parents and the imagined, between what comes to us from the outside, and what different people in different ways.


Unlike him I had been Mary-Kate Olsen. (given my dreams, i think this may be a subconscious fear!)
Especially the answers to the first question.

Oh wow this is like hours of time-sucky fun! And it made me lit LOL !!! Nothing makes me freaking lit LOL, like nothingggggg....

(note: contains finale spoilies)

And also, I started a book by that writer Damon (wait was it Carlton?) was going on about, and the main characters in it are named Jack and Kate. And Jack seems to be on some kind of quest for meaning or purpose. And Kate has many issues. But they're related.
spoily for last night's Lost )
that Courtney Ford is the cutest girl in the Verse, now you do <3
(of course she is, she's married to Superman!)
Haven't seen her on How I Met Your Mother, she's just my Dexter sweetheart, but I love this -

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06. whatever tickles your fancy

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07. something that makes you happy

nothing makes me happy- i am an emo! but fine.

I have always wanted to live in the country and raise piggies. I've even come up with names for them.


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