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You Can't Wake, I Can't Sleep

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banner by my cylon sister/constant, Laurel (juliet_demarcus)

Today I thought of you when writing about shamans and medicine men for school. They talk of the power of the "wounded healer"- the one who dares to bare their soul, who feels the pull to do so, to guide others through the twilight to dawn. It is the wounded healer who knows the blood of the people, and isn't afraid to show that they too are bleeding. That is their tincture, their medicine. Maybe that's what we are. Maybe the medicine is in the revealing, the baring of scraped knees and bruised hearts. - Sabrina Ward Harrison

"Like a breeze through summer trees; this is how we know her best. An avid writer, photo-monger, and internet lingerer, she keeps her heartbeats pulsing in time with all things art and light." - Kristi <3

glitterberrys is my love.

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