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([personal profile] iphigenia Mar. 27th, 2020 03:13 pm)
This journal is friends only.

If you wish to be added, you may leave a comment and I will consider adding you.

However, I'm trying to keep this to a small, close community of people I know and trust.

I used to be moreso into pouring my heart out to total strangers.

My heart has decided that's no longer what it desires. So I am putting a barbwire fence up around it.

If we seem to have stuff in common or you're a friend of a trusted friend and I get a good vibe from you, it's highly likely I shall add you, though.

Ooh. Like, lucky you.

Note: If I've already added you, it's because we were friends in my past...er....incarnation. If you add me back, it will all become clear..hehe... =)
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