Alison: You're so interesting, Wes. It's like time doesn't matter to you.

Wes: Are you kidding me? Things go by so fast…I don't get it.

Alison: Yeah, but it doesn't freak you out. You're so patient, so calm. I don't know. I mean sometimes you're really quiet and you get this look on your face like time doesn't exist. That's how you make me feel, like I have all the time in the world because time doesn't exist. It's nice. Thank you.

Alison: I don't like change, it's very disorienting. I mean something changes in your life andyou have adapt which means you have to change but what if i like who i am and don't want to change? Sometimes I cant even tell if I'm moving forward or I'm like frozen. It makes me feel like I'm not in control of my life…it's kinda scary don't you think?

Wes: It's not that bad…being scared doesn't mean you're in a bad situation, it just means new things are coming your way. It depends on how you see your future i guess.

Alison: What do you mean?

Wes: Do you see it as this thing far, far away full of ideals and wonderful impossible things or do you see it as the next hour, the next moment?

Alison: Does it really matter?

Wes: I think so. One definitely feels better than the other.

that awkwardly narcissistic moment when you're watching a film and are fairly convinced someone's based a character off you.

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